Below are samples of my professional writing. My recent work at BNA (from 2007 through 2011) is unavailable for linking because it is behind a paywall. Please contact me if you would like to see samples of that work or of  more of my academic work. One sample paper, which includes some statistical analysis, is available here.

Associated Press: “Clinton speaks to crowd of 5,700 at Tufts” November 7, 2011

New York Times, City Room: “Columbia is divided by Bollinger’s remarks” September 24, 2007

Chicago Tribune: “Kids on the trail a balancing act” October 5, 2007

Chicago Tribune: “Judgeships hang on hung Senate” August 15, 2007

Chicago Tribune: “Contenders tap ring tones, texting to sell themselves” July 7, 2007

New York Sun: “Columbia Eviction Plans Stir Concern in Harlem” March 28, 2007

New York Sun: “Quinn, Bloomberg’s Divergent Views on Term Limits Signal Change in Relationship” July 19, 2006

New York Sun: “Subway Station Could Rise on Broadway” June 16, 2006

Columbia Daily Spectator: “Perspectives: Morningside’s Homeless” April 23, 2007

Columbia Daily Spectator: “Destruction Lingers in Storm’s Wake” March 20, 2006

Columbia Daily Spectator: “New York Teachers Ratify New Contract”  November 4, 2005. Other coverage of this negotiation includes this article, this one, and this one.

Columbia Daily Spectator: “Changed Admissions Policies Anger Parents” November 1, 2005

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